Forefront Nigerian female filmmaker, Emem Isong, is set to release her directorial debut 'Champagne'. Emem Isong, has released the official trailer for her directorial debut ‘Champagne’.

‘Champagne’ is a romantic shot in Johannesburg, South Africa and Houston Texas, U.S.A. The much anticipated movie features Alex Ekubo, Mbong Amata, Anita Chris, Susan Peters, Tana Adelana amongst others.

'Champagne' explores the concept of an open marriage between a young couple, Tare Hopewell (played by Alex Ekubo) and his young wife Champagne (Rose Zimu).

The couple date other unsuspecting people mainly for money and perks until they bite off more than they can chew when they meet the enigmatic Mr. Douglas ( Majid Michel).

Suddenly the seemingly harmless game of ‘hit & run’ turns into a deadly game of high stakes where the winner takes all.

‘Champagne’ will be in cinemas from December 19.