How to keep your kids entertained with Showmax in Ghana

The pandemic has changed the way people live. For many parents, the challenge has been how to keep kids entertained during the long hours they spend at home. Spending time with kids is an interesting and adventurous task but can also be challenging for many.

How to keep your kids entertained with Showmax in Ghana

Showmax is the platform to keep your kids entertained and calm while you babysit due to the variety of children programs on the platform.

The platform’s setup also provides parental control with an entire section for kid-friendly content. No more worries around what the kids are watching.

Here are 5 shows to keep your kids entertained.

This follows all the elements to make kids excited. LEGO City is where the most awesome of awesomeness happens. It is home to the fiercest firefighters, top cops and many blockheads. Let the kids enjoy this action-packed animation.

The FPB Rating for this show is PGV.

Showmax for kids is not all about entertainment but also edutainment. With shows like Breakthrough, your kids are sorted in the edutainment section.

Take a deeper look at some of the recent developments in physics, astronomy and other sciences. Two episodes tackle the coronavirus pandemic, looking at lessons from history and our race to find a vaccine.

The FPB Rating for this show is PG.

Ride the rainbow to a magical land of learning. Join Akili and her friends to learn English, numbers, letters, art, reading and more!

A show that bonds families as different generations have had this experience. The Turtles have been advised by their rat sensei to stay in the shadows and never reveal themselves above ground. But when the kingpin, Shredder starts terrorising New York, they come to light to save their home.

Every child deserves the Ninja Turtles experience. Help them get it anywhere at any time with Showmax.

The FPB Rating for this show is 7-9PGV.

Explore some of the most puzzling phenomena in our universe in this fascinating show that tackles topics from the Pyramids to black holes to the limits of the human lifespan. It’s not just Showmax, it is a platform with shows to enlighten your children.

The FPB Rating for this show is PG.

Feel the musical vibes when three teenage girls at boarding school together start their own K-pop group in this fun-filled, pop-loving comedy series with all the right beats. The FPB Rating for this show is 10.

Showmax for kids is not just limited to these shows, there is lots of amazing content to satisfy the interest of all your children and for the moments when they are asleep or away, you can catch up with all your favourite shows on the other side of Showmax.

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