A Kumasi based film director,

In an interview with Seancity.com, Mr. Bentum described Agya Koo's claims as a 'distorted history' and asked others who are taking credits for resurrecting the industry to put a stop to it.

"He (Agya Koo) never resurrected the film industry , So I m telling him to stop claiming  those credits," he opined.

"There are some artist taken credits of the successful history of Ghanaian movies. They should stay away from such behavior because the people who made Ghanaian movie successful was not any artist but the hard work of executive producers like  William Akuffo, Bob Smith Jnr (Diabolo), H.M Films, Hacky Films, Alexy Boat, Miracle films,  Venus films, A.A Production, and many others. Credit should go to them not Agya Koo!" he claimed.

"Before Agya Koo's entry, there were so many artists in the industry including  Bill Asamoah, King Aboagye Brenya, Dzifa Gomashie, David Dontoh , Kwaku Twumasi , Bukum Lion, the late Bob Santo, Kofi Adjololo, Mac Jordan Amartey, Grace Omabo and others, these persons have all not claimed the credits of resurrecting the film industry," he said.

He strongly refuted the notion that Agya Koo stopped Nigerian movies from coming to Ghana. "Where did he stopped the Nigerians from coming into Ghana?  Is a big lie. The executive producers who used their money to make sure Ghana movies sustain have not call for any credits,’’ he added.

Jackson Bentum called on media houses to contact right people for the true history of the Ghana movie industry.