In the season two, which promises more drama and twists, one of the best-known food bloggers, Ade Laoye signs up struggling business owner and cook Anita Erskine to the prestigious Cook the Difference Competition.

A press statement by MAGGI, producers of the show, said “this turns into a spicy adventure when Moh, the husband of Anna’s business partner, Aurelie Eliam enters the competition too.”

It continued: “Ms Sophy Aiida, a new addition to the gang, slowly inches her way into the lives of the other women and we are not sure whether she is friend or foe. Things heat up when Dieynaba Leurs, Aida’s young niece is used as an unwitting tool in a plot against her aunt”.

“Yelo Pèppè” series was some of the instances the MAGGI was fulfilling the ‘Simply Good’ commitments it made to consumers in 2017, according to the press statement.

It said to help people “cook the difference”, MAGGI had been organising local events to encourage healthy cooking, like pop-up kitchens, cooking caravans, and online nutrition education programmes, which had reached over 10 million people across the region.

The statement said the brand also seeks to boost the nutrition of families at an affordable price, by improving the nutritional profile of its bouillons and other products through reducing salt and increasing micronutrients such as iron, to help tackle iron deficiency.

It said MAGGI pledged to use more familiar ingredients such as smoked fish, shrimp, onions, garlic, ginger and chili pepper that people know and could find in their kitchens.

MAGGI also commits to increasing local sourcing and building to the local economy, creating more value for society.

The statement said nearly three-quarters of the raw materials used in these products are sourced locally from suppliers, providing income, and creating job opportunities for thousands of Africans.