Barima Sydney renders apology to John Mahama and NDC over 'Papa No' song

Barima Sidney has issued an apology to former President John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for any negative impacts his 2020 song 'Papa No' may have had on Mahama's electoral fortunes.

Barima Sydney

The controversial song was released during the lead-up to the 2020 general elections. In an interview on JoyPrime TV, Sidney explained that the term 'Papa No' was a trending topic on social media at the time, which inspired him to create the song.

However, he noted that the track was misconstrued by some as a direct attack on Mahama, who was coincidentally linked with the phrase in political discourses.

Addressing the issue, Sidney said, "I'd like to clarify the 'Papa No' situation. Two ladies were discussing 'Papa no' on social media. They're well-known celebrities here: Gloria and Tracy. I found it intriguing, so I went to the studio and released it at midnight. By 9:00 am, it had spread everywhere."


Sidney further elaborated that his intentions were misconstrued when clips of Mahama were merged with his song for political purposes.

"I didn't target anyone specifically. But then, some individuals compiled clips of the former president and paired them with my music, using it for their promotion. Consequently, people assumed it was my doing, but I was unaware. I'm using this chance to apologize to the former president, His Excellency John Mahama. It wasn't me; others were responsible."

The musician expressed his regret if the song contributed to Mahama's loss in the 2020 elections, clarifying that there was no ill intention behind the production of the track.

Sidney’s song 'Papa No' remains a significant piece of media from the 2020 election cycle, highlighting the complex interplay between pop culture and political narratives.


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