D-Black and a host of Ghanaian personalities received fake UN Awards at a ceremony at the Alisa Hotel on 28th August, 2020.

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Most of the recipients took to their social media page to share pictures of them receiving the fake UN Awards which organised by Global Public Excellence, headed by one Dr Fordjour.

It came to the notice of Ghanaians few days afterwards that the awards were fake and the recipients including D Black, Sarkodie, Prof Oduro, Vice-Chancellor and a host of others were scammed and the issue has been trending on social media.

D-Black has opened up on how he was scammed by one Dr. Fordjour who is now trending as Dr. UN.

He said: “The ‘event’ nu sef as me and Sark sit down noor, the mc gbaaa 3 times noor wey I look Sark start shake my head. Like 30 mins after we arrived, The Mc tell the Band, ‘pls play another music’s for them’. Musics paaa o, musics lol. The band too responded ‘Ooooooh ah’! dem tire. Dere nooor we start to laugh. We shud have left at that point.”

D-Black indicated that he should have left after several weird signs unfolded.

“Then Sark got his award, and I wasn’t really watching or following proceedings after that. I was on my phone after I clapped. Then he returned with the golden cup. I said to myself hmmm A cup? I should have left then and there.

He continued: “I told my @iamfadicharles bro we leave in 15 mins, I can’t take this rubbish any more. There noor this man came from nowhere and took the mic from the MC and started MCing the ‘event’. The man talk aaa talk say ‘back when I was in Harvard’. I should have left then and there lol,” his tweet read.

The list of Ghanaian personalities who fell for the fake UN Award include TV presenter Berla Mundi, Natalie Forte, Johnnie Hughes, Dr Okoe Boye, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Nathaniel Attoh, SK Boafo, etc.