Having grown up among many Ghanaians and Nigerians in Austria, Allisn was exposed to African culture and music at a very young age.

Allisn spent the majority of her life engrossed in music: from singing at the church her father pastored in Austria, to writing her first songs on the guitar as a teenager in Israel/Palestine, to freestyling at private gigs in Vietnam, and performing with her band at larger shows in Australia.

As a young teenager, Allisn dreamt of one day traveling to the African continent and other countries of African Diaspora in the Caribbean and South America.

As she began to listen to more and more African and Caribbean music, she realized that there was a gap between the music she herself wrote and created, and the music she actually listened and danced to.

Allisn's "Kwesi" cover artwork
Allisn's "Kwesi" cover artwork

After a year-long stint travelling around the Caribbean and South America and being inspired by music with African roots, Allisn realised that she wanted to make music that she herself would actually listen to, which prompted the desire to move to West Africa.

Less than a year later, in July, 2017, Allisn relocated to Accra, Ghana and quickly immersed herself into the music scene, working with top producers, including Jayso and Unkle Beatz.

After releasing several mashups of popular Ghanaian dance songs that gained a lot of positive traction, Allisn is getting ready to release her first debut single titled “Kwesi” on October 9.

Her song “Kwesi” is a satirical spin on the dynamics between a playboy and his multiple lovers.

Watch out for this new hit to reach Ghana, available October 9 on all streaming platforms and follow Allisn’s journey on her social media platforms.