Rapper, Quata, has indicated that the only way to decide which rapper tongue twists better is by organising a battle among them.

“I can’t sit here and say I am the King of tongue twisting. People will say I am bluffing. Let’s call for a battle among all the rappers who find themselves in the box… The public judge for something like this so I think we have to put it on tape for everybody to listen and the professionals will judge,” he said on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz.

“A show of this magnitude has to be at the Conference Centre. It has to be a big spectacle. I think it will be a great thing. People are expecting something like that. Promotion-wise, it’s going to boost everyone’s career. It’s going to be beautiful, it will satisfy a lot of people. That is when we can officially declare who is the biggest,” Quata added.

Some Ghanaian artistes known for tongue twisting include Flowking Stone, Sarkodie, Gemini and Secure.

Quata on the same platform in March mentioned that he started tongue twisting before any rapper. He disclosed that he went into hibernation for six years but followed the trend.

“I am the originator of tongue twisting in Ghana and nobody can beat the speed at which I can tongue twist. Everybody, both the youth and the old folks will attest to this fact. But to be honest, I am very happy seeing other rappers doing what I introduced. Obviously the intention wasn’t to keep it to myself but to channel it to others, meanwhile I must stress on the fact that, I am not in competition with anybody because an originator is different from emulators,” he noted.