Hiplife is not Ghana’s indigenous music, promote Highlife – Mr. Logic to musicians

Artiste Manager, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. Logic has indicated that Highlife has the potential to help put Ghanaian music on the global map like Nigerians.

Mr Logic

Speaking on the UTV, he noted that Highlife is Ghana’s indigenous music.

Logic noted that, Nigerians have been smart enough to identify that Afrobeat is their type of music and they are doing very well in that even though they have taken a part in Highlife the young ones there started pushing Afrobeat.

“The Nigerians were smart enough to identify that Afrobeat has been their music even though they stole part of it from Highlife and the young ones started pushing Afrobeat,” he argued.

He debunked the assertion that suggests that Hiplife is Ghana’s indigenous music indicating that Hiplife originated from Highlife.


He added that if we went to place Ghana on the same map as Nigeria, then our language should be Highlife. If not that then we would not get anywhere. He has been very explicit in all he said.

“If we want to place Ghana on the map like Nigerians, please the language should be Highlife, if not we’ll not get anywhere”, he added.

Ghana and Nigeria have over the years been at loggerheads over who does what best. In contrast to Ghana, Nigeria has recently achieved considerable advances in the music industry.


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