I almost quit; Great Ampong on music career as he is set to release 17th Studio Album

Ghanaian Gospel singer, Great Ampong, is set to release his 17th studio album later this year in Accra and Kumasi.


The album, which includes 13 tracks such as Aseda, Counter Attack, Alpha, Mame Dondo, Onyame Akatua, Style Bia Bi, and Gyata Beri Talia, is one of the most anticipated projects of the year.

In an report, the singer expressed his excitement about the project, stating that it reflects his continuing relevance in the music industry.

Great Ampong began his professional music career in 1996, and his journey to becoming one of the most celebrated gospel musicians has been marked by blessings and bitter lessons.

Initially, Great Ampong worked in the "galamsey" industry until it became unprofitable. He then decided to pursue a career in gospel ministry, but it proved to be a difficult journey.


Despite nearly giving up, he was introduced to music producer Bandex, who was initially hesitant to assist him. However, after presenting 15 of his songs to Bandex, he was eventually given the opportunity to produce his music.

I almost quit but the late Comfort Annor motivated me to keep trying. I really wanted to do music and at that time so when a friend told me Bandex wanted a strong artiste to work with, I decided to try my luck. I already had 15 songs so I burnt three on a CD and headed straight to his office. When I presented it to him, I did not pitch too much, I only told him God said I should work with you this year,” he said.

Bandex chose eight out of Great Ampong's 15 songs, and they quickly got to work. His songs became popular, and the two went on to produce 16 more albums together. The latest album will be released after Easter.

Great Ampong acknowledges that he has benefited financially from his talent and has earned significant income from performing at shows. However, he also admits that there have been challenges, including financial disputes with other artists such as Daddy Lumba.

He has learned that success in the music industry is not just about talent but also about God's blessings and connections with the right people.


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