I won't talk about National Cathedral - Diana Hamilton

Since the announcement of the national cathedral by President Akufo-Addo, it has been in the headlines for one controversy or another with many in support or condemnation of the building.

Diana Hamilton

But gospel musician Diana Hamilton who has yet to make any comment says she will not talk about the project.

The 'Mo Ne Yo' hitmaker said that she has purposely stayed away from discussing the issues and controversies surrounding the National Cathedral.

In a discussion on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness show, she stated that she is always cautious not to address any issue she has very little knowledge about.

Stating that she does not involve herself in political issues, “this is a very dicey topic for me.”


“With things that I don’t know much about, I am careful not to talk about them. With governance, I do not do well with politics, I struggle to comment on issues that I don’t know the facts about,” she said.

But “it is a topic I would like to hold on to for now…before I make any comment, I would like to get my facts right,”

Also, all others who have made comments on the building of the cathedral may be privy to some information based on which they make their judgments.


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