As of today, more than ever before, the Nigerian top-dog A-list musicians have had more international music collaborations that have flooded the airwaves to the amusement of the audience.

But there’s more feel-good music that is about to be unleashed from new artistes like Jhehlah. With his songs rooted in Nigerian and Ghanaian pop and highlife nuances, and backed by international production and management standards, Jhehlah will take the music industry by storm. His new single is due out in the coming days.

King Kennedy Oliver, is a native of Abia state, born in Lagos, and had some years growing up in Ghana.

That could explain why his music has an epic undercurrent of both countries. “I’m a 90s baby that learned how to survive from the street. As I work hard to survive, music came to my rescue. In that darkness, I found my light and that was the beginning of my shine which I am bringing to the industry”.

A good songwriter and a storyteller, Jhehlah is expressive and detailed “My music is heartfelt; they reflect my story. I’m a lover, so my songs are like a love story for the ladies and it’s like the tale everyone wants to find him or herself in. My songs are melodic and the visuals I create for them are beautiful and captivating. I can’t wait to release the songs and share my videos. I like to keep my audience surprised, so I’ll say they should wait and see my next move. But one thing I can promise them is authentic good sounds”.

“The music industry moving forward will definitely not have enough of me and that’s why music listeners, buffs and critics alike need to pay attention to what I am about to offer musically,” Jhehlah added. caught up with him in a question-and-answer session where he discussed his drive to take over the music industry worldwide, the difference between Ghana and Nigeria music industry, solutions for Ghana music industry’s shortfalls, his latest single “Short Skirt” and future collaborations.

Q: You seem poised to take over Ghana and Nigeria music industry. What new are you going to do to win the hearts of music lovers?

A: I am bringing a breath of freshness with my music, visuals and lifestyle which will make me stand out as Jhehlah. My music is influenced by my passion for the sweet melodies from the deep Ghanaian/Nigerian Afro-Pop/Highlife nuances.

I believe that consistency in good and engaging content from me would win the hearts of music lovers in Ghana, Nigeria and the rest of the continent. I am bringing back the classics with the touch of the new age vibes. My audience is the young and matured music lovers who enjoy feel-good music with some dance grooves.


Q: As someone who has lived in both Ghana and Nigeria, what’s the difference between Ghana music industry and that of Nigeria?

A: Hmmm, I lived in Ghana at a tender age so the music industry has evolved since then, but what I can say is that the Nigerian music industry is more innovative and competitive than the Ghanaian music industry in the sense that Nigerian musicians jump on what is trending in the world and make it a Naija made version while Ghanaian industry maintain their original sound in music but that has a limitation in exporting to the world as Nigerians do.

I think there is a lot of competitions within the Nigerian artists, so everyone wants to work harder to be at the top and to maintain their place at the top and this in return creates more music which becomes a demand for music fans to consume.


Q: There’s this argument about Ghanaian not pushing their artistes to the top. What would you advice?

A: I think the artistes ambitions should push them to the top because I believe Ghanaian artistes gets support from Ghanaians home and abroad, so it’s just self determination that would move anyone to the next level.

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Q: What inspired your latest song ‘Short Skirt’ and the music video?

A: My latest song ‘Short Skirt’ was inspired by the music, the beat gives me a good vibe any time I hear those classic Highlife melodies in the beat, so the songwriting came effortlessly as my expression to the music and someone I was dating at a time.

The music video was inspired by the kind of brand I am putting out, a display of my character, style, affection and performance as an artist so that my fans can have a visual idea of me and connect with me through my performance in the music video.


Q: Which Ghanaian A-List artiste would you like to put on the remix if possible?

A: Let me grow the brand and promote the music first then I can see who fits to take the track to the next level. I have great hopes for this track ‘Short Skirt’ to blow up and amass me more fanbase so if the remix is in line with this why not? Let’s do it but for now I don’t have anyone in mind, my focus is on promoting the release.

Jhehlah is out with the official music video for his latest single, titled “Short Skirt”. Enjoy.