Produced by Jamaican record producer, YGF Records, the song has been gracing radio and online charts including iTunes.

It’s a dancehall song and sort of a ballad which addresses relationships and more.

Over the weekend, the Zylofon Music and SM Movement Empire label frontman took to the beach to get an official visual for the song which has garnered over 100,000 views on video streaming platform, YouTube.

In a few photos released by the musician on his social media platforms, he is seen at a beach and surrounded by several bootylicious Ghanaian women (some of the faces also look foreign).

In one of the arresting photos, he is seen surrounded by the vixens and two of them are seen kneeling in front of him (as if they were giving him head).

In most of the scenes, the flags of Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya and South Africa were erected – probably acknowledging the African influence in the song “Island”.

See below some of the scenes in the making-of “Island”.