Tchap0 hooked up with Medikal and another artiste called Litvybes for the remix of his song “Bounce”.

However, their relationship turned sour when the song was released in late February.

According to Tchap0, Medikal refused to promote the song on his social media platforms even though they agreed prior to the making of the record that he [Medikal] will be involved in the promotion.

Narrating the struggles he went through before recording their song in Ghana and why Medikal refused to promote the song, he wrote (unedited): “PSA: p**sy boys ina the industry we need to filter them ! 🖕🏾🖕🏾F**k @amgmedikal ! See broke fool wey I take time travel and paid for a record/ remix for my international artists in a very uncomfortable surrounding based on how fresh we dey! We drove almost 1hr 30mins from Accra city to wherever trench village this idiot house dey! that he even denied in his words “ this e be my trap house “ no booze no high no water even to drink, Toilets even smelling! nigga living like a skunk!!!! someone should remind him Instagram followers no be account balance oo !#NSB dropped the bag as business to support ur life @amgmedikal you’re a no level not to post the record & carry out what is required! The song #Bounce by @tchap0 is out 2weeks ago & blown without your support and you’ve refused to post it/ do what u were paid for!! I want to know why!! thank God we no dey sing nonsense ! What goes up must come down ! Pride brings destruction.. baba dey even hoard SK…something wey we never smoke since 7 yrs ago! Fuck u dawg!!! Pure hater !!”

He added: “Me I build a tower that you @amgmedikal cannot reach!!3000$ u chop Na wetin we dey use buy SHIRT!! 😂🤣 @amgmedikal 🐍🐍 the future will tell a story! OLD MONEY DIE IN THA SAFE You will never get to #hightunes #NSB BAR level with such attitude! We keep flipping & spitting cash till eternity @litvybez @tchap0 watch out for em bitch nigga. I DECLARE IT #OPERATION IT MUST PAP #IF AH CAP I DIE!!!”

Medikal is yet to comment on the issue.