This comes after the singer revealed in a recent interview that he nearly sold the song to Medikal due to hunger.

“At a point, I didn’t have anything to eat and God willing, I grabbed something to eat. It felt nice and I realised how fun it is to live a comfortable life”, he told Class FM last Friday.

But one of his camp members claims he refused to credit a friend who wrote the song together with.

A Facebook post by Ranger Sneh sighted by claims musician Yung C who was featured on the hit song wasn’t properly credited.

He added that Quamina MP is ‘greedy’ and that his fame won’t last.

He wrote (unedited): “Quamina MP You and somebody do song and God being soo good the song blow, you say you nearly sell the song like you alone do am, massa acknowledge your brother YC De-Gunz (Yung C) and stop being greedy, you alone wan carry the fame, remember say #Adonai, #Ayoo, #baafira and other hit hit songs come pass go, yourself the wiase y3 d3 song self go leave you the artiste, learn how to acknowledge your brother #YUNG_C cause you guys compose the song together two years ago before thinking of featuring Kwesi on it, the song is own by both, but if he leave give you to enjoy the glory, learn sense and acknowledge him too don’t be greedy.”