According to him, there is no way the government could have scored 72 percent in its delivery when there is suffering among the masses.

While evaluating government’s performance particularly, in helping to grow the Arts industry, he said he wakes up each morning with crowds at his doorstep seeking money for school fees, hospital bills and other needs, hence, he could only score the government only 15%.

“Let me just give him 15 percent because people are complaining you know, and me myself every morning the kind of people I have in front of my gate, as I’m even not there now I’m imagining the people there. If I go, it’s like a doctor visiting his patients, you know, school fees, sickness, grandmother, grandfather … On the real, he has tried but please listen to the masses because the masses are complaining too much and me I like any political party that comes to power, me I don’t have any problem because I know how to hustle for myself. You know sometimes you have to pay attention to the streets…”

Shatta said this while responding to a listener’s question posed by his host on Takoradi based Empire FM.

He said President Akufo-Addo should listen to the wave of complaints if he must know the truth.

He suggested that he would have been stingy with awarding marks if he were a headmaster.

“You see, me I don’t lie, this thing that I’m saying I just want the President to even know himself that people are complaining” that life has become unbearable in Ghana. He said he is not one to score the government 72 percent when things are not in their best, asking “Who gave them 72 percent?”


President Akufo-Addo had told the nation during his encounter with representatives of the media at the Jubilee House recently that per government’s own evaluation, 72 percent of its electoral promises have been fulfilled, countering an IMANI Ghana’s assessment that pegged government’s delivery on promises at 48 per cent.