Sista Afia's manager declares her the best in the world, says she'll win Grammy

Kofi Clinton, Manager of Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia, says the music talent of his artiste is unmatchable, unparalleled, and among the best in the world.

Sista Afia

According to Kofi Clinton, who heads Ace Khandi Records, Sista Afia’s music talent surpasses many in the music industry and deserves all the commendation, having produced many hit songs over the years.

Speaking in an interview, Kofi Clinton expressed his admiration for Sista Afia's deep understanding of good music, evident through her remarkable vocal prowess and lyrical vibes

“When it comes to music, Sista Afia knows what entails good music, and this can be seen in her amazing vocal prowess and lyrical vibes.


“For me, I can say she is the most versatile female artiste we have in the country currently because she raps, sings, and can do multiple genres, and this for me is unique,” he said.

Moreover, Clinton believes that with increased support from Ghanaians, Sista Afia has the potential to ascend to Grammy-winning status. He sees her as a beacon of hope for Ghanaian music, holding the potential to become the country's first female Grammy award winner.

“She is a beacon of hope for Ghanaian music in terms of getting our first female Grammy award winner, and I believe she will get there, and I entreat Ghanaians to support her because she has all the talent,” he said in an interview.

With a string of hit songs under her belt, Sista Afia's musical abilities have continuously evolved since her debut in 2015.


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