Mr. Logic known for giving technical direction to numerous Dancehall acts incuding Shatta Wale, Vybrant Faya, AK Songstress and more has hit had at the VGMAs board for making it possible for Stonebwoy’s Baafira to win Best Dancehall Song in 2015’s awards.

“Last year, Stonebwoy should’t have won Best Dancehall song with .” Mr Logic told Dr Cann on Happy FM‘s . “That song is not Dancehall. If you wcompare “Mampi” and “Baafira”, you would know “ is the Dancehall song."

“Meanwhile you had song like  which was internationally acclaimed and you deny that song.

You have people like me who understand Dancehall to believe the people who are on the board talking for Dancehall don’t understand Dancehall. If you put and  on board and ask technical people which is Dancehall, it’s obvious  would be chosen.”

h/t - isshak