VerseOne uses chordCash AI technology to predict and track music royalty advances

To further empower African artists and Ghanaian Artists in particular, VerseOne Distribution a digital music distribution company is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with ChordCash, a leading AI driven royalty prediction platform for effective music advance estimation and recoupment tracking.

VerseOne uses chordCash AI technology to predict and track music royalty advances

Advances offered through this partnership ranges from $1,000 to as much as $1 million per artist. Using Artificial Intelligence advanced prediction capabilities, decision making, and transaction time has been shortened to 7 days. Transaction volumes mainly depends on contract duration, catalog size, and number of new releases.

This collaboration between VerseOne Distribution and ChordCash aims to provide Ghanaian artists with much needed capital to fund their creativity, especially following the Afrobeat to the world movement, and high demand for highlife, hiplife and afrobeats in Ghana, there has been increasing demand for higher quality music and stage performances from both artists and music fans. With VerseOne's extensive distribution network and ChordCash's innovative royalty advance platform, artists now have a powerful solution to bridge financial gaps, invest in their careers, and focus on creating exceptional music.

"We are excited to join forces with ChordCash to provide independent artists with a groundbreaking opportunity to unlock the value of their future royalties, this partnership with ChordCash aligns perfectly with our mission, offering artists a flexible and accessible financial solution to support their creative endeavors." said Polycarp Asuquo, Founder at VerseOne Distribution.

ChordCash's platform enables artists to receive advances on their anticipated royalty earnings, providing them with financial flexibility without compromising their rights or ownership. Through VerseOne Distribution's extensive reach and ChordCash's cutting-edge technology, this partnership aims to democratize access to funding for artists at all stages of their careers.


“ChordCash’s partnership with VerseOne is another step forward in our mission to empower independent musicians across the globe. We believe that artists should have access to funding without having to give up ownership of their music or control of their careers and are honored to work with partners such as VerseOne to provide modern tools to improve transparency and efficiency, and to keep power where it belongs - with the artist." said Eric Palumbo - Head of Partner Activation & Growth Marketing at ChordCash.

Key benefits to the artists include:

Seamless Integration: Artists using VerseOne Distribution can seamlessly connect to

ChordCash's platform, within their VerseOne account, thereby streamlining the

process of applying for and receiving royalty advances.


Financial Empowerment: The partnership empowers artists to take control of their finances,

providing them with the flexibility to invest in new projects, equipment, or

promotional activities.

Transparent and Fair Terms: ChordCash is committed to fair and transparent terms, ensuring that artists retain control of their creative work while accessing the funding they need.

Global Reach: With VerseOne Distribution's global distribution network, artists


from around the world can benefit from ChordCash's royalty advance platform.

This strategic partnership between VerseOne Distribution and ChordCash is poised to make a significant impact on the independent music scene, offering artists a unique avenue to support their creative endeavors. As both companies continue to innovate and empower artists, the future of the music industry looks brighter than ever. To learn more about VerseOne Distribution services, click here.

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