After joining all-girl international band called GRRRL, Ghanaian Afro-pop star Wiyaala has done her major performance with the group, and its honestly incredible.

It's not a big surprise because Wiyaala is known for her fiery performance and indefatigable personality on any stage but the fact that she managed to 'flow' with the group from different background and culture within a short period is phenomenal.

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Wiyaala met the group last year and had a couple of minor international shows but the group is fully intact and had their first major live performance on Wednesday at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in UK.

"And when we come together and sing, you can hardly tell we are from different countries. It's like branches of the same tree," Wiyaala told Huffpost UK.

GRRRL is a seven-piece all-girl band who describe themselves as 'a bespoke electronic collaboration between women musicians from areas of conflict around the world.'

Watch the highlight of her performance with the group below.