19-year-old lady narrates how she lost two husbands in one year through crime

It is very important to do sufficient due diligence about suitors before making any commitment to be in a relationship with them.

19-year-old girl narrates how she lost two husbands in one year through crime

A 19-year-old lady who failed to do her homework ended up losing two husbands through crime in just one year.

The Kenyan single mother identified as Susan aka Msoo narrated her story to Rembo TV.

She revealed that both her two husbands were gunned down by the police separately after being suspected to be armed robbers.

According to Tuko.co.ke, Msoo said her life was perfect but took a different turn when she got pregnant for her first boyfriend who turned into her hubby when she was in Class Seven.

She was only 13 years old when the pregnancy occurred and she had to live with the man who impregnated her. They lived like a married couple and their union got further strengthened when Susan gave birth to a male child.

They were living well as she claimed her husband was so caring and pampered her with all the material financial things she desired.

But as fate would have it, after their son turned five months, her husband was shot dead by police officers just minutes after escaping from a robbery scene.

''I lost my first hubby when our baby was five months. Police said they shot them as they were trying to run from a robbery scene. Life became hard, I did not have a job or anyone else to help me and my son,'' Susan disclosed on Rembo TV.

Obviously, for lack of no support for her and the baby, she mourned her dead husband for just two months before jumping into another relationship with a young man known as Gaville.

Out of desperation for a means of survival, Susan did not do enough background heck about her new lover.

She only learnt later that he was also an armed robber like her deceased husband.

The young woman claimed to have talked her lover out of the robbery ‘job’ and he agreed and proved to her that he had stopped.

It however came to her as a surprise when on December 25 2018, Gaville was also gunned down by cops like his predecessor over claims he had been caught robbing a place alongside others who escaped.

At the time of Gaville’s death, Susan was only 17-years old and had started to enjoy a good life with her new hubby who had even accepted her baby as his own, Tuko.co.ke reported.

Although she accepted the death of her first husband in good faith, she insists that the second one was innocent and got killed unjustly.

She claimed that police killed Gaville when he was returning from town to buy alcohol and not at any crime scene as it was the case of her first husband.

''I did not know if Gaville was a thief, but I asked him to stop when I learnt he was one. He told me he stopped and even proved he had reformed. He was killed on December 25 2018, night. He had only gone to buy alcohol. I moved to police stations, he was not there, we found him on December 27, in a mortuary after looking for over a day," she said.

The loss of her two breadwinners within a year devastated Susan so much that she was forced to turn to crime herself for her and the child’s survival before deciding to do some menial jobs like laundry and others to make ends meet.


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