A Free State High Court in South Africa on Thursday jailed Danish gun shop owner in the country to a total of 40 years for various offences including rape of a child and the murder of his wife.

It would be recalled that in September, 2015, 10 pieces of frozen female genitalia were discovered at Peter Frederiksen 's home in Bloemfontein.

All the initial charges regarding cutting of women’s clitoris and keeping in a freezer were dropped because the South African laws do not spell out any sanctions for the offence.

However, the 65-year-old was found guilty on November 6, 2017 of 36 charges relating to rape of a child, the murder of his wife and production of child pornography.

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Pronouncing Frederiksen 's  sentence on Thursday, the Judge, Johann Daffue said the murder of his wife "was pre-meditated and planned" for which reason the sanctions "must not be imposed lightly".

The judge cited some women and children who were present in the court as "vulnerable members of our society", adding that "they, in particular, must be protected against person like you."

On a rather hard note, Johann Daffue said: "You must be removed permanently from society."

Peter Frederiksen reportedly apologised to family of his late wife, his own family back in Denmark and to South Africans after his sentencing.