21-year-old man who’s spent 15 years in primary 1 says he wants to be President (video)

Most of the people with whom Joseph, a 21-year-old man started school in 2006 have graduated but he has spent the past 15 years in primary 1.

21-year-old man who’s spent 15 years in primary 1 says he wants to be President

One of his colleagues has become a graduate teacher and returned to be his teacher in the primary 1 class.


The weirdly determined young man is said to have a mental problem that makes him forget what is taught in class instantly, so he is unable to pass promotional exams.

He has been in primary 1 since 2006 and most of his colleagues with whom he started are reported to be graduate teachers, doctors and other professionals.

He has stunted growth with ‘malformed’ head size, ostensibly as a result of his condition. His mother lamented how he is so forgetful that when he is sent on an errand to buy one thing, he ends up buying a different thing.


Despite his condition and inability to proceed to the next class, Joseph has refused to give up; he doesn’t want to miss school and is always seen walking brusquely and running sometimes to and from school with a lot of determination written all over him.

His current classmates who he is old enough to give birth to have been mocking him, calling him “old man”, but none of those would discourage him.

Joseph told Afrimax TV that his ambition is to become President someday no matter how long it takes for him to finally move to primary 2 and proceed to eventually graduate in the unknown future.


He recounted how people including even teachers have discouraged him many times by advising him to drop out of school because they think he is wasting his life.

With the level of determination Joseph has exhibited, it will not be surprising to see him become President in the future indeed.

Probably, he should be enrolled in a special school where specialists will unearth his potentials and exploit them to his advantage rather than placing him among other ordinary pupils with teachers who don't have the skills to manage a pupil of his kind.



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