According to reports, Kukat Kamartum from Riong’o village in Tiaty sub-county of Kenya’s Baringo has a dusty homestead which serves as a shelter for him and his three wives, nineteen children as well as his over 100 sheep and goats.

While Kamartum’s situation might appear pathetic, he himself has no regrets for the huge family size he has built at an early age, as he has vowed to increase it.

During the World Contraception Day which was marked on Sunday, September 27 he reportedly told newsmen that the children are huge treasures yet to be unfolded in the future.

"If you have more children you become richer. If for instance, you have 10 girls then you will get at least 10 to 15 cows per girl, there are also four camels per girl, totaling to 40, that is wealth," he is quoted as saying.

According to the young man, it is almost a taboo to put numbers to count children in the Riong’o village since they are like one's wealth which should be constantly increased and expanded from time to time, reports say.

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Kamartum disclosed that impregnates his wives as soon as they heal from deliveries as if there is no time to waste.

The children’s future and who they become is less of a concern to him as he said their basic needs such as food, health, and education will be taken care of by God. What matters to him is the claim that he is expanding his wealth. He takes most of his children to the grazing fields to train them on how to look after cattle.

"I want to sire as many children as I can. For those who would want to go to school, we will pray for God's grace," he said.

Interestingly, Kamartum's three wives who also spoke to the press revealed that they had absolutely no knowledge about contraceptives or family planning measures to give them control over the number of children to give birth to.

“We do not know about family planning. We have never heard about it,” said Kamartum's first wife.