4 Ghana police officers struggle to arrest strong driver who allegedly beat them (videos)

Drama ensued at Dansoman in Accra near a place called Old Gold House on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, when a driver proved to be too strong for not less than four police officers to arrest.

4 Ghana police officers struggle to arrest strong driver who allegedly beat them

Dramatic videos of the incident have been circulating on social media which show the uniformed officers struggling to subdue the alleged errant driver but to no avail.

An eyewitness who spoke to Pulse.com.gh said that the driver had been pulled over by the police officers who then demanded his license.

The driver allegedly told the officers that he left the license at home, a response that caused a heated back and forth between him and a female MTTD officer and he tried to assault her.

It appears that the other officers converged on the scene to help their colleague female officer. According to the witness, the officers hit the driver in an attempt to tame and handcuff him.

The driver angrily hit each of them back which escalated the situation, and the angry officers were bent on handcuffing him before sending him to their station but the civilian was simply too strong for them to overpower.

The videos which were filmed by bystanders show the officers sweating to subdue the angry driver but all their strength combined was inadequate.

They were subsequently joined by some other men who claimed to be soldiers in plain clothes but the ‘reinforcement’ couldn’t help.

Bystanders could be heard in the video screaming “the man is strong ooo” repeatedly.

The witness said the driver was eventually taken to the Dansoman police station for questioning.


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