47-yr-old female teacher resigns over bullying, death threat from her students

Constant bullying and death threats from a student have forced A 47-year-old female teacher Sharon Moran, to resign from her job.

A 47-year-old female teacher has resigned from her job at McKinley Middle School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after getting a death threat from one of her students.


Sharon Moran, who has taught for 12, decided to quit teaching when her students' bullying and threats to her life became too much to bear.

She said she could not continue because of the hostile environment.

"I do feel like I'm being intimidated and I feel like I'm bullied," Moran said.


'I had to kind of evaluate every day what kind of situation I'm going into every day and whether or not I'm safe."

According to her, her safety had become an issue to her family, hence her decision to throw in the towel.

'My family is concerned for my safety.

'They worry about me and I think I did the right thing."

Moran is also angry with Albuquerque Public Schools administrators who she says did not respond well to the threats to her life.


It will recalled that a 71-year-old male teacher suffered a spinal strain, a neck sprain and a hip injury while breaking up a fight between students of the school.

Comments could not be gotten from the Principal and Vice Principal at McKinley.



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