Tears flow as 70-year-old man dies after drinking full bottle of gin to compete with youth (video)

A 70-year-old man embarked on what some people have described as a suicide mission after he drank a full bottle of gin in competition with some young men, leading to his death.

70-year-old man dies after drinking full bottle of gin to compete with youth

The fatal incident is reported to have happened at a drinking bar where the youth gathered and were cheering on the septuagenarian as he endangered his life.

He succeeded in beating the youth to the irrational competition and was declared winner, but could not live to enjoy the bragging right and whatever jackpot was attached to the victory.

A few minutes later, the man became highly intoxicated and could be seen with discomfort in his chest. He made efforts to vomit the liquor to have some relief but unfortunately, it was too late.


He kept hitting his chest and coughing repeatedly before slumping to the ground.

The video which was posted by Mediagist shows at its latter part, a burial service allegedly being held for the elderly man.

Mourners could be heard singing a dirge while paying their last respect to the deceased ‘hero’.


Bottles of various drinks were emptied on the grave while some were placed inside the coffin.

The video has got many social media users reacting with most of them blaming the deceased for being unscrupulous, while others too accused the bystanders of looking on while the old man risked his life.

Some people have also been making fun of the fact that the man died as a result of drinking excessive alcohol, yet he was sent home with the same alcohol.



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