However, some people who have fortunately found theirs sometimes hesitate to make a move to take the relationship to a different level.

That is exactly what has compelled a lady who is apparently fed up with her 9-year-old relationship to give her lover a six-month ultimatum to marry her, or she will walk out away for good.

Twitter user identified by his handle @thesylar claimed the said inertial boyfriend happens to be his friend.

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Posting on the social media platform, he said: "My friend and his girl have been dating for 9 years now, he’s never proposed. Dude just called me, he’s been handed an ultimatum. She’s given him till June of this year to propose, or she calls it quits. You can’t force a man to propose can you?"

The post has since gone viral and some twitter users have been bashing the poor boyfriend for wasting too much time. Some harshly described the relationship as completely irrelevant.

See the post below and the reactions it has generated: