Ahafo Region: Stepmother forces 4-year-old girl to drink acid

A four-year-old girl in the Goaso District of the Ahafo Region is battling to survive in life after the stepmother forced her to drink acid.


The girl is unable to eat solid foods as a result of serious burns she suffered in her mouth after she was forced by her stepmother to ingest medication laced with acid and now salivates without ceasing as a result of the damage caused to her mouth by the acid.


Reports stated that the woman had sealed the ears of the girl with superglue before forcing her to drink the acid.

She was rushed to the Goaso Government Hospital for emergency intervention and after committing the atrocities, the little girl's stepmother fled the area.

The grandfather of the girl, Nii Okai Lamptey, narrating the incident to Accra FM said even though the police confessed to knowing the whereabouts of the woman, they admitted they could not arrest her because she had connections with some powerful politicians in the country.


According to him, the incident happened last year after the girl's biological mother, who had separated from her daughter's biological father, decided to ship the child to her estranged partner at Nkrankrom in the Goaso District because she could no longer shoulder the financial burden of taking care of the little girl all by herself.

He said they discovered that the girl's father had remarried and borne another child with a different woman – who became a stepmother to the 4-year-old girl at Nkrankrom.

He said: "We were later informed that the stepmother had poured superglue into her ears and later acid into her medicine adding that after a young man helped him to arrest the woman and subsequently took her to the police station, the police station master, "told me in the face after the stepmother was handed over to them, that they knew the whereabouts of the lady but could not have her arrested" due to her political connections.

The stepmother was later arraigned and granted bail but nothing more has been heard of the matter.



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