All hell breaks loose inside commercial bus as man bursts a loud sneeze (video)

The outbreak of this novel Coronavirus has left Ghanaians with no option but to temporarily throw away hospitality to avoid contracting the deadly virus. Certain things that were hitherto tolerated are no more countenanced in this time of fear and panic.

All hell breaks loose inside commercial bus as man bursts a loud sneeze (video)

Well, so long as commercial buses are operating despite the COVID-19 pandemic, arguments will surely erupt inside them because once a passenger sneezes or coughs, whether it has anything to do with the virus or not others onboard will raise concern.

A video which is fast going viral shows a fierce pandemonium inside a Ghanaian commercial bus as passengers hurl insults at each other amidst threats of physical attack, all because one of them had sneezed without covering his nose and mouth.

Per the WHO measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19, people must wash their hands regularly with soap under running water, apply hand sanitizer as often as possible, cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and throw the used tissue into a dustbin.

It is unclear if the widespread public education had not gotten to young Ghanaian man then or he just was taken unawares by the sneeze and had to burst it.

A contagious argument then broke in the car after a certain woman seated behind the ‘sneezer’ complained. Instead of apologising to the other passengers, the man became furious and threatened to assault the complainant, a gesture that got other passengers incensed.

Watch the video below:


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