A Nigerian appeals court judge who could not withstand what she referred to as noise pollution at her residence walked into Redeemed Christian Church of God at Ijapo-Estate Akure, Ondo State, and slapped the pastor and another member of the church.

Reports say Justice Omoleye Folayemi had severally complained about the excessive ‘noise’ by the church which disturbs her peace, but the trend continued.

She then invaded the Glory Tabernacle Parish premises which is said to be close to her house on Wednesday, and started making a video of the church’s activities.

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Angry Judge storms church, slaps pastor for noise pollution (video)
Angry Judge storms church, slaps pastor for noise pollution (video)

However, things turned chaotic when a 68-year-old assistant pastor approached the judge and reportedly kicked from her the phone with which she was filming.

She allegedly slapped the pastor and further attacked another pastor who also tried to intervene.

Other reports have it that police have interrogated Justice Omoleye Folayemi over the alleged assault.

Meanwhile, despite videos circulating online which shows that the incident indeed occurred, the judge has denied the assault claims by the church, accusing the pastor of blackmailing her.

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