Many people would have expected COVID-19 patients to be sober and allow officials to give them the necessary treatment that will enable their quick recovery from the deadly virus. However, the alleged angry patient exhibited such a mind-blowing strength in struggling with the officials that it got some people wondering if the disease gives its sufferers extra strength.

Four facemask-wearing officials are seen in a viral video having a tough time putting a young man into a stationary ambulance for conveyance to the isolation centre.

The battle with the patient was so exhaustive and lasted so long that the officials were left with no option but to lay their hands on the patient while another flogged him with a cane before eventually subduing him by tying his two hands and then putting him in the ambulance.

“You are making your case difficult…” one of the officials is heard in the video saying.

“I think we need a rope…” another official said.

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Tundeednut who posted the dramatic video on Instagram captioned it: “He ran away from Isolation and he has Corona.”

“They holding so he doesn’t go into town to spread this virus. Who do you guys think about this?” the blogger asked.

With all the struggling and the manhandling of someone who is alleged to have tested positive for coronavirus, those officials themselves may have to undergo testing or be isolated as it is possible they may have been infected with the virus in the process.

Watch the video below: