In Ghana, prices of foodstuff, sanitizer and other essentials have seen outrageous hikes with consumers calling on the government to step in to control food prices for instance, but the minister for Agri, Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto rejected the calls, saying the development will naturally come to an end.

Well, in Nigeria where gari is a major food, the situation is no different. Price of the commodity has risen by more than 200%, making it difficult for people to buy.

Some men in Onitsha, Nigeria's Anambra State who could not take it anymore allegedly went into town to confront traders for what they referred to as outrageous fleecing.

In the course of heated altercations, a female garri seller’s big bowl of the commodity was thrown away by the said men who were angry that she increased the price of her goods from N500 to N1500.

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Facebook user, Jestymoore Nnokwa who shared the story said: “Today In Onitsha, Igbo boys went into town to see those wicked and cruel market women selling food items at exorbitant prices, unfortunately for this Garri seller, she was selling Garri of N500 for N1500 and the boys threw everything away on the ground. They were upset with what they saw in the market today in Onitsha market

But do you support the action of the boys?

Let’s have your say on this.”