Any man who has only one wife is not married yet - Man says after marrying 2 pregnant women

A polygamist who recently wedded two pregnant women at the same time has said that he is the happiest man in the world.

If you have only one wife, you’re not married yet - Man says after marrying 2 pregnant women

According to him, men who do not have more than one wife should not consider themselves married yet.


In the view of the Nigerian man identified as Prince Erere Nana, polygamy is the panacea to infidelity in marriages.

Marriage posters of the man from Orhokpokpor village in the country’s Delta State went viral online recently. He was seen on the posters inviting people to the knot-tying event between him and the two pregnant women.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin after the traditional wedding, he said the decision to engage in polygamy is the best he has ever taken and even indicated his readiness to add more.


He explained that he as a traditional man cannot cook for his relatives when they visit and his only wife is not around, hence the need to have more wives to save the situation when it arises.

Erere’s claims have sparked mixed reactions with some like-minded people agreeing with him while others disagree.

Some people even went to the extent of cautioning him not to produce too many children who if he is not able to look after, may become a danger to society.



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