reported him as saying that he was a brilliant and confident student who always stood up to challenge his teachers in class, an action most teachers were not pleased with.

He disclosed that mathematics was one of his favourite subjects and he was so good at it that it earned him a nickname.

“I was called Archimedes because I was good in mathematics but I suffered for it,” he said

Narrating how he got his teacher so angry that he lost his temper, General Mosquito said: “It was one time in class five when a mathematics teacher marked me down in an exam but I was so sure the answer was correct and decided to rework the solution but I did not go to the teacher to challenge him.

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“I took my own red pen and corrected the mark, an act my mates made noise about and that angered the teacher. He came to the class, removed his wristwatch, and gave me a dirty slap which landed me on the floor,” quoted him as saying in an interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile amid laughter.

The slap and the shame that came with it did not stop General Mosquito from challenging the status quo when not convinced, and it appears that resilience spirit has made him the astute politician he is known as today.