A UK man has slit his neighbour's throat on his doorstep after several complaints that the music from his housewarming party was too loud at his new flat in Hamilton, Glasgow.

Thomas McIntyre claimed James Gunn’s housewarming party was so noisy that it was keeping his young child awake, UK media has reported.

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James, 27, survived the slashing, telling the High Court in Glasgow: “he said to me ‘the music is too loud... I have been banging down to tell you to shut up’.”

The victim recalled apologising, insisting that he had not heard McIntyre and it was then he suddenly brought out a blade.

Gunn, who gave evidence from behind screens said: “He swung the knife and I stepped back when I saw it coming towards me.

“It got me on the neck from the jugular down the jawline.”

The victim managed to slam the door shut, but then slumped into the arms of a friend.

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He said: “I saw that there was a lot of blood, so I screamed for help. My friend wrapped a shirt around my neck to stop the bleeding.”

He went on trial last week accused of attempted murder but he insisted he was in bed at the time of the attack.

However, a jury convicted him after five people recognised him as the knifeman.

The 42-year-old was remanded in custody and faces a lengthy jail term when he returns to court next month for sentencing.