“Avoid dating men between the ages of 19 and 27” – Bitter lady recounts her experience

Some heartbreaks are so traumatizing that if the sufferers are not taken through psychological treatment they become paranoid and end up stereotyping almost everybody else who comes their way.

“Avoid dating men between the age of 19 and 27 – Bitter lady recounts her experience

A lady who appears to have encountered a bitter experience at the hands of either one young man or a couple of them under 30 has warned that dating a man aged between 19 and 27 is the most unwise thing any woman should attempt.

Expressing her frustration on Twitter, the lady identified as Sharon Godwin with a handle @AlumBaeOfficial wrote: “AVOID dating men between the age of 19-27. They either typical mama's boy stuck on their ex, cheat the most, entertain hoes, party nonstop, have no plans & are only concerned about their PS4, mixtape & weed. They don't know what they want yet & will hurt u in the process, a liability.”

Her opinion ignited a lot of reactions on the social media platform but one Michelle Dee @Dumayb took her time to school the young woman on how to make her relationships work instead of stereotyping.

"Also, as a woman no matter how old your hubby is, he is first your child. Men are babies and it takes a mother at heart to handle a man and capture his soul. Your hubby is your first practical child and if done successfully, motherhood and marriage will be fun even in pains,” she wrote.

Well, the fact that one or two people within a particular age range have disappointed you before doesn’t mean that everyone in that range is the same. It is a matter of taking the time to make a good choice and working hard to maintain your relationship.


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