Reports say with barely two days to the much-anticipated Valentine’s Day, which is today Friday, February 14, popular Paa Dogo had gone to girlfriend’s place to give her pre valentine flowers only to find her ex-boyfriend in bed with her. reports some residents of the area as saying the native doctor had fallen in love with a community nurse who was posted to the town about nine months ago.

He first came into contact with the lady when she was sent to Paa Dogo’s place for healing.

A resident identified as Maame Pokua said the nurse found out that her boyfriend who resides in Accra was having an affair with her best friend. This, per the resident’s account, became unbearable for the nurse which she later tried taking her own life because of the heartbreak, according to the news website.

“She was acting abnormally at a point in time so we even thought she was going mad. A friend she made here sent her to Paa Dogo to heal her and help her overcome the heartbreak,” Maame Pokua stated.

She explained that Paa Dogo is popularly known in Sekondi to cure people of heartbreaks and people with psychiatric problems.

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“Paa Dogo was able to heal the nurse through herbal medicines and counselling. He then fell in love with the lady and was buying expensive items for her from his small native doctor business. He asked the nurse out and she agreed to date him,” she said.

Maame Pokua continued, “A few weeks through the dating, Paa Dogo went to the nurse’s place to give her pre valentine flowers only to find the nurse’s ex-boyfriend in bed with her. Paa Dogo dropped the flowers and immediately shouted ‘Aw Jesus, I’m dead.’”

The shocked Paa Dogo was reportedly rushed to the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital where he was in a coma and receiving medical care at the intensive care unit.