Boy, 4, reports mother to Ghana police as younger brother slips and falls while being bathed

The mother of a 4-year-old boy identified as Obrempong Takyi Frimpong was lost for words when police officers arrived at her home with her toddler, claiming he had come to their station to lodge a complaint against her.

Boy, 4 reports mother to Ghana police as younger brother slips and falls while being bathed

The nursing mother herself, out of fright, screamed saying 'Jesus, maku me ba no' (Jesus, I’ve killed my child) in the presence of Obrempong who then questioned his mother about why she almost killed his brother?

While the woman focused her attention on bathing her baby after rescuing him from the water basin, little did she know that unhappy Obrempong had walked out of the house to a nearby police station to report the matter.

Being alarmed, the police officers rushed with the little boy to his house where they met his mother to question her before revealing to her that it was her son that had come to report her to them.

The officers then took photos of her and the baby in question as well as the complainant before asking her to report to the police station with her husband when he returns.

Interestingly, before the officers left, Obrempong posed with his two fingers to take a photo with them.

The nursing mother who took to an all-women Facebook page ‘Circle of Wives’ to share her ordeal with her fellow women and entreated them to stop underestimating their little children.

“Admin pls post for me. Good evening fellow wives, my 4yr old son did something this afternoon and am so much shocked that it has made me ill by force.

“So, I was about to bath my 6month old son and he fell in the baby bath and I was lyk 'Jesus, maku me ba no'. After bathing him and dressing him up I heard a knock and went out to check, in front of the gate were my son and 2 police officers. “Looking astonished I greeted them.

“Officers: (following me to my bedroom) do u know this boy? Where my baby was lying.

“Me: He's my son pls.

“Officers: He came to complain u nearly killed his brother, how true is it?

“Me: (narrated all that happened).

“They inspected my son, took pictures of the baby bath in the bathroom and us and the worst part is my son gave them a pose with his 2fingers.

“They made me call my husband and told him to report to the station with me when he comes home. I was just teary and shocked. They also encouraged my son to tell them if anyone threatens to beat him.

“Dear wives, u see kids of today, LETS BE VERY CAREFUL WITH them. I am still shocked. Pls note the police station is not very far from home,” the surprised woman wrote on Facebook.

Adom TV subsequently interviewed Obrempong who explained the entire incident and why he did what he did.


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