Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong union, and it is better not to enter than to enter only to realise that you have signed up to a lifelong bondage.

That was the reason why a Zimbabwean bride chose not to show up at the wedding venue where she was supposed to have been married to her groom who happens to be a pastor.

H-Metro reported that Naume Mangwarira left Apostle Samuel Kaundaand his family at their supposed wedding venue in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

The said marriage was reportedly put off several times because of indecision on the part of Naume Mangwarira.

However, her family, according to reports, had tried several times to impress on her to ignore all the inauspicious signals and get married to the man who she referred to as violent and abusive.

Bride dumps pastor on wedding day, says he’s too violent
Bride dumps pastor on wedding day, says he’s too violent

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Her family was in a tight corner because her bride price had been paid to them as far back as in August.

Despite the pressure from family, Naume, the Midlands State University student and daughter to one of the church elders insisted that she would not undecidedly tie the knot with the founder of Glory House Ministries

The bride who attends Full Gospel Church reportedly said that she has refused to give false vows before a marriage officer.

“Her reason was that the pastor was very abusive and violent that she decided to wait until she finds another loving husband than sacrificing to start a home on such an unholy foundation. She threatened to humiliate everyone if they insisted on forcing her to get to the wedding venue. It is now the talk of the town and circulating on social media,” a source is quoted as having said.

Do you think Naume Mangwarira’s decision is right? Should she have kowtowed to the pressure?