Bride refuses to smile or dance as groom sprays cash on her but it’s said to be a tradition (video)

Mixed reactions have greeted a dramatic video of traditional marriage in which the bride stood stiff and motionless without smiling or dancing despite the loads of cash her smiley groom was spraying on her.

Bride refuses to smile or dance as groom sprays cash on her but people say it’s a tradition (video)

The bride and other attendees of the event are seen dancing and rejoicing to music being played in the background but none of those would move the bride.


While some people suspect that the young lady might have been forced into the marriage against her will, others say it is a tradition of Nigeria’s southern Ijaw people of Bayelsa.

The traditional marriage took place in Nigeria. At a point, the man approached the bride and whispered something in her ears while spreading the cash on her but she didn’t smile or show any sign that she was happy about the big day.


Meanwhile, a Twitter user identified as @inaingowealth who reacted to the video said: “Before you all crucify the innocent girl. It’s a tradition of the Ijaw tribe. The bride is asked to withhold her smile while the groom’s family plus the groom showers her with money and praises until she smiles. It Shows that the groom’s family accepts the bride too.

"As long as the bride is not smiling the groom’s family must do everything within their power to prove to the bride that she is loved and valued. And I am a proud Ijaw woman. The southern Ijaw people of Bayelsa have this tradition. Please let’s try and make an inquiry before judging.”

Just a couple of days ago, a viral video emerged of a newly wedded groom chasing his grim-faced bride with a kiss but the lady refused, leaving him embarrassed.

The humiliating episode occurred during the couple's white wedding ceremony in the presence of friends and family.


The video of the incident has been circulating online and has attracted numerous reactions on social media platforms.

It remains unclear what got the bride so pissed off that she marred her own wedding event by refusing to kiss her groom who was all over her to show her love on the big day.

Unconfirmed reports say the wedding event took place in Accra.



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