Uganda’s broadcasting regulator has shut down 23 radio stations who it accused of using the airwaves to promote witchcraft, a practice it said fell below “minimum broadcasting standards.”

According to the affected radio station, according to the regulator’s spokesperson, Pamela Ankunda would only be reinstated after resolving to stop advertising the activities of witchcraft on their airwaves.

The commission said in a statement that it “has noted with concern that despite these several warnings, your undertaking not to advertise and promote witchcraft…and the public outcry against such misuse of the airwaves, your station has continued to advertise and promote witchcraft in contravention of section 2 of the witchcraft act”.

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It added that the affected stations were “aiding and abetting fraud by allowing fraudsters to use their airwaves to con people through promotion of healing powers.”

Uganda is not the only African country grappling with its media organisations allowing broadcast of fetishism on their airwaves. The trend is common in Ghana too, with some Television stations showing fetish priests or witch doctors perform charms on live TV.

Some of them are using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to propagate their activities.

Probably, other African countries should follow the step of Uganda to restore sanity to the airwaves.