A Kenyan woman identified only as

The sad woman recently revealed in an interview with Kenya-based Radio Jambo that her parents had objected to her marriage to the inconsiderate man, raising doubts about his ability to cater for her.

However, being blindfolded by love then, she lied to the parents that the man was more than capable.

As if having lied to her parents was not dangerous enough, the then young woman went ahead to give her fiancé KSh 100,000 cash to enable him pay her dowry.

"We met when I was in university and we loved each other when he was jobless. My parents did not want us to get married so I lied that he had money and gave him KSh 100,000 to pay my dowry," Maggie said.

After marriage the couple were happily living when Maggie unfortunately had an accident and it became necessary that one of her legs be amputated. To worsen her predicament was the fact that the devastating accident has rendered her barren.

Broke man dumps wife who paid for her own dowry
Broke man dumps wife who paid for her own dowry

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"I was involved in an accident then he said he could not stay with me. I lost my leg. He left when I had already been discharged. I could not get a child," the jilted woman narrated.

Having lost her leg and ability to give birth, Maggie is currently facing her third agony of being dumped by her husband who claimed he can no longer spend his life with her due to her plight.

The poor woman’s biggest regret is the fact that she has no child to call her own. But she has chosen to move on and love herself.