According to the BBC, Sebastián Piñera has been fined $3,500 (£2,588) for posing for a selfie with a woman at the beach and they both had no facemask on.

He apologised after his photos with the said woman went viral earlier this month, admitting that he should have worn a mask when the woman requested a photo on a beach near his home in the town of Cachagua.

Reports say Chile has strict rules about wearing masks in public, but it is unimaginable how no room for an exception was made for the first gentleman of the land.

Chilean President fined $3,500 for taking selfie with woman at the beach without facemask
Chilean President fined $3,500 for taking selfie with woman at the beach without facemask

The country has a strict law against violation of the coronavirus restriction with penalties that include fines and even jail terms, the BBC reports.

Chile’s coronavirus cases are among the highest number of cases and deaths related to the disease in Latin America.

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The country has recorded 581,135 infections and 16,051 deaths to date, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University in the US.

This is not the first time Mr. Piñera has found himself in trouble for taking controversial photos. Reports say he suffered a lot of backlashes last year after being pictured at a pizza party on the night protests over inequality broke out in the capital, Santiago.

Then in April this year, the president sparked outrage again by posing for photographs at the plaza that had been the centre of anti-government protests.

Since June,

Chile has been reporting more than 1,000 new cases a day since June this year, compelling Piñera himself to extend a state of emergency for 90 days at the start of December.

Since he who seeks equity must do equity, the law did not respect his status as the President of the country.