Company gives “love leave” to single female workers over age 30 to look for boyfriends

As the societal pressure on women to find life partners at all costs continues, a company has initiated a policy to grant leave to its female employees who are single after age 30 to go and look for boyfriends.

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Reports say the company gives its single female employees an extra eight days of leave to date over the New Year holiday, which is a peak time for blind dates.

It is reported that once women reach their late twenties or enter their thirties but are still single in China, they are put under pressure by both family and society to find love.

The pressure is so intense that Chinese women who are not married by the time they reach their late twenties are reportedly considered not "good enough" for marriage and are labeled "Sheng nu", which translates to "leftover women".


A report by the Washington Post said "leftover women" who are mostly career women are sometimes compelled by the pressure to create fake stories about having lovers when in fact they are single.

Some of such women would sometimes ask their employers to give them more work that would keep them busy so they could avoid going home for the holidays without a partner.

Singleness at or after age 30 comes with such pressure in China that there has been a reported increase in cases of women getting treatment for anxiety as a result.

31-year-old Emily Liu reportedly told the Washington Post that she is dreading going home for the holidays without a boyfriend because her parents alone will not give her peace.


"My parents say, 'your classmates have children, you don't even have a boyfriend.' This is the only topic when I am home," she is quoted as saying.

Well, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, to help remedy the "problem" of Chinese women being "leftover women", Song Dynasty Town has thought it prudent to initiate "love leave" to enable them to take some time off to look for boyfriends.



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