Couple marries 4 times, divorces 3 times all in 1 month just to cheat bank

A bank employee has lost his job after it came to light that he and his wife had conspired to divorce and remarry several times in one month just to shortchange his employer.

Couple gets married 4 times, divorced 3 times all in 1 month just to cheat bank

The man from Taiwan tried to take undue advantage of the country’s law which provides that newlyweds couple are legally entitled to a paid leave of eight days after their marriages.

However, interestingly, there is no clause in the law that stipulates the maximum number of times an employee can get married or apply for marriage leave, so the banker took advantage of the loophole in the system to enjoy a longer paid marriage leave.

He got married to the same woman four times and divorced her thrice within a period of 37 days with the full support of his wife.

Reports say the couple first got married on April 6, 2020, divorced 10 days later then remarried the following day. They divorced again on April 28 and exchanged fresh wedding vows the next day followed by a third divorce on May 11. Their fourth marriage happened on May 12 before the groom's employer became suspicious and queried him.

The bank tried to deny the groom his paid marriage leave after discovering his marry-and-divorce conspiracy orchestrated with the connivance of his wife.

According to reports, the bank was fined $700 (KSh 75,000) which was later overturned by the head of the labour department Chen Hsin-Yu.

The banker quit his job after his shenanigans became known to his employer and fellow employees.

However, he has lodged a complaint at the Labour Department against the bank, insisting that his former employer still owes him 24 leave days.


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