Couple treks home after a simple COVID-19 wedding, pastor arrives on a bicycle (photos)

Without intending to trigger controversy, the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest enemy to the world currently but just as every other situation, the virus has some positive sides too including simple and less expensive marriages.

Couple trek home after a simple COVID-19 wedding, pastor arrives  on a bicycle (photos)

Before the outbreak of the virus, marriages were organised so flamboyantly and expensively that some people could simply not afford to marry, and concerns had been raised about the trend.

Now, with the social distancing measure that has become a necessity to help curb the contraction and transmission, social gatherings such as weddings, church services, schools have been banned temporarily but people who are bent on marrying during this critical period have been doing so without inviting many guests as it used to be the case.

A young couple got married in a simple wedding ceremony at Calvary Chapel in Entebbe, Uganda on Saturday, and it epitomizes simplicity.

Reports say the ceremony that was graced by a one Pastor Isaac only had 10 people present, including a police O.C that was available for tight security.

Zoen Harrold from California and Gorret Namaseruka, a Ugandan, were both dressed in casual wears made with African prints without any hustle of a wedding gown and other related fanfare.

According to reports, all public and private transport remain banned with the exception of only bicycles, so the officiating pastor arrived at the venue riding on a bicycle. The bride and groom too came to the ceremony on foot and did same back home.

See more photos of the wedding below:


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