The convict, Darko David had operated in the area for about 10 years now, putting unsuspecting clients’ lives at risk.

Starr News Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah in 2017, secretly filmed the quack doctor through undercover investigation in a small dirty room turned abortion Clinic at Mile 44 community a suburb of Suhum.

Following the investigation report, police in the region attempted to arrest him but he escaped and deserted the town for a while only to return after assuming that the case must have been forgotten.

According to, the 41-yer-old quark doctor was arrested while about to terminate another pregnancy of a young lady on January 9, 2021.

He had conducted some botched abortions the previous days which resulted in serious complications of the victims who had to be referred from Suhum government Hospital to Eastern Regional Hospital, the news portal reported.

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Darko David pleaded guilty when put before the Suhum Circuit Court on Monday, and so was sentenced on his own plea for four years.

Speaking on the development, Suhum Police Commander Superintendent Joseph Owusu is reported as saying that medical equipment and drugs used for his illegal abortion were retrieved from the convict.

“We received information that somebody is operating illegal abortion within Suhum municipality and based on this intelligence the Suhum district police command gathered themselves and arrested the suspect.

“When we searched him, we were able to retrieve medical instruments and drugs and we processed him before the court and he was sentenced to four years imprisonment, we are now taking him to the Koforidua prisons to go and serve his term. According to his mother, he started this business more than ten years now,” The Police Commander said.

Superintendent Joseph Owusu advised the youth to watch out for such quack doctors and avoid patronising their services for their safety.

“This is illegal abortion so the young ladies must be mindful and is not good and safe for them it’s against our laws especially the one who administers the medicine, the one who provided the means and the person who went and caused the abortion is against the law apart from that it is not safe for young ladies because these persons are quack doctors, they don’t know anything about this Gynecology system so you can die through this or may damage the uterus system”

The Suhum Municipal Director of Health Dr. Frederick Kwame Ofosu confirmed that several failed abortion operations from the convict’s illegal setup ended up at his outfit. He also entreated the youth to seek professional help from well-established health institutions when the need arises.

“Yes, about two or three of complications landed at the Suhum government hospital and another one also landed at the regional hospital in Koforidua and that necessitated the need to inform the police for the police to act. We’ve not yet recorded maternal death in relation to illegal abortion but it might be that the operations of the man have also caused some deaths that we don’t know.

“The public health facilities are allowed to do this kind of abortion if there is the need to do it so I will advise those that are in need to come to the public health facilities so that they will undergo the necessary counseling and if there is the need to have it then it will be done very well for them to get well to avoid any form of complication in relation to abortion.

Yes, there are health implications you might get complications from the abortion, you can also die, even if you do not die and you are caught there is a criminal code that you can be prosecuted,” Dr. Frederick Kwame Ofosu told