“I wanted to be popular international armed robber” - Man nabbed in Nigeria fingers Ghana

A notorious armed robber arrested in Nigeria has said that his ambition since infancy has been to “become an international armed robber” and gain a lot of popularity across the globe.

“I wanted to be popular international armed robber – Criminal nabbed in Nigeria

He said his role models in the robbery ‘industry’ are Ishola Oyenusi, Shina Rambo and Mufu Olosha Oko who claimed are very famous for their criminal acts.

The young criminal said he was born into a rich family but he simply cannot figure out what compels him to rob people.

The police in Ondo state have arrested and paraded the ex-convict before Nigerian newsmen.


The state Commissioner of Police, Bolaji Salami said and Kikiowo and one Aladeloye Tope aged 25, were arrested at Oke-Aro, Akure metropolis during a robbery incident, reported.

During interrogation, the ambitious armed robber narrated: “I started committing crime since I was seven years old. I don’t have any genuine reason to what led me to crime because I was born into a rich family.

“I suddenly started stealing from my parent, my parent believes in traditional religion that is what they practice, so the more they use spiritual solution to my criminal act, the more I stole and that led me to Ghana. From there, I brought my gang to Nigeria and we were arrested during an operation in 2015 and remained in the Olokuta Prison in Akure.

“My father died in 2015, so there was nobody to help me because they believed I’m a criminal. I then saw crime as a perfect way for me to survive after my father’s death and when there was no one to cater to me.


“My father’s name was Kikiowo Ayodele. He married six wives and gave birth to 24 children. He was a native of lgbara Oke, in Ondo State, he is well known; a retired soldier and a farmer.

“I once followed a man to a Divisional Police Station in Akure to bail a motorcycle, the motorcycle was released in a way that surprised me, the man told them his motorcycle was arrested so they asked him the documents of the motorcycle and he gave them only N1,500 and it was released to him even without the knowledge of those officers who collected the motorcycle.

“So, I started using that technique and it worked for me. Once I discovered that those on morning duty had left, I will go there and point at any new and neat motorcycle, give them N1,500 and it will be given to me and I will disappear.

“I was arrested in 2011, the woman Judge who presided over my case liked me and took me to the welfare so that they could encourage me with the word of God but I escaped in 2012 and got involved in another case involving the stealing of motorcycles at A-Division. I was released on the 2nd of February, 2019.

“During the last time I was in prison, I joined the prisoners’ fellowship that preach the word of God from there, I listened to their preaching and I got some assistance from them.


“I later had a dream, where I saw Daddy Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, praying for me, so, not long, I was discharged and acquitted. Upon my return, I went to Redeem Christian Church in Akure and gave a testimony that I had changed after spending four years in prison

“They took me to the Redemption Camp where they planned to take me to a rehabilitation centre. But that’s not what I needed, what I wanted was to find a job that will be fetching me money but they were saying I was into drugs and must first be rehabilitated. So, l decided to leave after six months because that was not what I needed.

“From there, I stole their pastor’s tricycle, also known as ‘Keke Maruwa and escaped to Ile- Ife. He ask me to return it but I said no, and I decided to sell the tricycle but was arrested.

“After some months I called the Pastor to come and take his tricycle because it was no longer useful to me. Throughout my life, I have never achieved any good thing but sorrow. The gun the police arrested me with was my last hope. I had decided to leave all this local crime to go international. That was why I took the risk to look for a gun.

“I wanted to become an international armed robber like Ishola Oyenusi, Shina Rambo and Mufu Olosha Oko because I wanted my name to reign. I believed that it was through crime that I can be popular.


“If not for the gun, there was no way they could have arrested me. After my father’s death, I heard about Ghana, upon getting there, I found my colleagues and we started highway robbery and after the operation, they found me competent and from there we started operation.

“Highway robbery is the best we can do in Ghana we can’t do any other operation, from there I invited them to Nigeria after convincing them that I have the key point of Nigeria that we can operate successfully.

“ln Nigeria, we went for first, second operations and the third one, I was arrested and I landed in prison. I urge the government to tamper justice with mercy and help me. I have decided to stop crime because I have not gained anything from it.”



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