According to a report by the Ghanaian Times, Nicholas Tetteh attacked a student of a tertiary institution in Ho in his hostel with a flick knife and screwdriver and robbed him of a Dell laptop computer, cellular phone and ¢1,000, and fled.

However, interestingly, the robber realised on his way out of the hostel that he had left behind the charger to the laptop.

Guess what he did! Nicholas Tetteh hid the computer in the bush nearby and returned to the hostel room with confidence to take the charger as if he had nothing to fear.

Chief Inspector N.K. Kumekeh told the court presided by Felix Datsomor that luck eluded the convict on September 7, 2020, at about 2:30 am when he was on the robbery operation as some students mobilised and gave him a hot chase.

In his attempt to escape, the convict scaled the wall of the hostel and landed awkwardly and fractured his right knee, making it difficult to flee anymore.

He was handed together with the stolen laptop to the police and he admitted to the offence in his statement before he was subsequently charged with robbery, according to Ghanaian Times.

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Chief Inspector N.K. Kumekeh disclosed that it came to light upon Tetteh’s arrest that he had committed a similar offence the previous day in a similar fashion.

Tetteh who claimed to be a driver and a satellite dish installer scaled the wall of another students’ hostel in Ho and stole a laptop computer, cellular phone and an accessory to the phone and succeeded in fleeing.

He again led the police to a hideout at the Ho Power House to retrieve stolen items of another stealing case he was found to have been involved in too.

Tetteh’s claim that he was under the influence of some ‘unknown forces’ when he committed all those crimes did not make sense to the court at all. It sentenced him to 18 years imprisonment for robbery and three years for stealing, with the jail terms to run consecutively, reports say.

The imprisonment of Tetteh has brought a lot of relief to residents as the Ho Municipal Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alex Yeboah described him as a thorn in the flesh of the public.